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PRE ORDER - CD - Shiva Appreciation Society (2018)


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With their third studio album 'Shiva Appreciation Society', art against agony have included their new member the_maximalist (mridangam percussion) into the band.

Shiva, the hinduistic god of destruction and rebirth, symbolizes the project's approach to art being discovered, forgotten and then rediscovered.

All music that you can hear on our albums is not genuinely from us. It has always been here since the birth of the universe, we are merely a few individuals who have served as a medium to bring this music into physical shape.
Art Against Agony is the Shiva Appreciation Society.


1. Introduction
2. Nothing to declare!
3. Nandi (feat. Richard Henshall from Haken)
4. Katz
5. Pumpkin Thief
6. Emissary
7. Feste
8. Voerman Interlude
9. Write a Word: THC
10. Write a Sentence: The Headbanger's Confusion
11. Lemon Tree
12. Hulullúlulu Pt. II
13. House Built on Sand
14. Queen's Lullaby

(Bonus) - Coffee for the Queen Extended Edition
(Bonus) - Above the Clouds (Nikolay Nikonorov feat. the_sorcerer)

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