• Image of CD - Sound of Inevitability (2023)

Fourth Studio album, double LP.
Lots of progress.
24-page booklet.
Aralee Dorough on flute.

LP 1
i Sound of Inevitability
ii Slightly Ov
iii She Who Thirsts
iv At the Djentist
v Honey Cake Whorse
vi Salience Bias
vii Squirrel (Бабник edit)
viii Fitches Brew
ix 9" Smack
x Orange

LP 2
i Hindsight feat. Aralee Dorough)
ii His Daughter's Eyes Pt. I (feat. Aralee Dorough)
iii His Daughter's Eyes Pt. II feat. Aralee Dorough)
iv AIA Pt. I: Ahkrast Korvalain
v AIA Pt. II: Kurald Galain
vi AIA Pt. III: Omtose Phellack
vii Indo-German Cuisine
viii WITSKM (feat. PVCIFIST)
ix WITSKM (instrumental)
x Island & Exception


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