• Image of CD - Three Short Stories (2014)

The 2015' reissue of the art against agony 2014' debut record contains the three short stories plus two bonus tracks, of which one is the first track we've ever made (Track5), and the other one (Magilla_Trench) is the track we just finished right after our first drummer the_glasses got replaced by the_malkavian.
Both tracks are non-related to the three short stories, yet they pretty much round up our first release.


On stasis and motion
1.1 Etry Lvel
1.2 Pelagius_Eleven
1.3 Seasons
1.4 Innocent people don't run
1.5 Hope and disgust

The woman in the red dress
2.1 Libery
2.2 Lily and E.
2.3 Paisley
2.4 Copec!
2.5 Silence in Menzoberranzan

Smiles of alien entities
3.1 7h till dawn
3.2 Fitch (Fucking Bitch)
3.3 Krahdrahcn
3.4 Nyarlathotep
3.5 Pisha

Track5 (Bonus, 2012)
Magilla_Trench (Bonus, 2014)

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