• Image of CD - The Difference Between a Duck and a Lobster (2016)

"Das schlechteste Album, das ich je gehört habe."
Dr. Uwe Boll

'The difference between a duck and a lobster',
second art against agony album, released on February 6th 2016.

1. the_duck
2. Fitches Pulled At Random (feat. Jan Zehrfeld)
3. L.A. Suite: Sunset Blvd / Peatloaf Ave (feat. Jeff Kollman)
4. Abysmal Gale
5. Batteries Are For Flashlights, Not For Pickups
6. Nacre Fugue
7. Tiôbe
8. BBQ
9. Hulullúlulu
10. Gunseng!
11. the_lobster

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