• Image of VINYL - Solanaceae (2020)

June 5th 2020 sees the release of our first electronic music EP,
here you can order the VINYL version.
For digital download, please visit our Bandcamp page!



1. Physalis peruviana
2. Atropa belladonna
3. Capsicum frutescens
4. Datura stramonium
5. Mandragora officinarum
6. Solanum melongena


The special edition comes with 7 botanical album artwork prints on high quality paper, each designed, numbered and signed by the_twin.

The prints will be prepared only to order, hence please excuse another 10-14 days delivery time.

Special notice about shipping to the U.S.:
High shipping cost due to size, packaging & insurance.

Free Shipping from >100€ total prize.